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Group Orders & Other Programs on Scrubs for Women

Would you like to outfit your entire medical practice or dental office in Mette Scrubs? Or would you like to replace your old grubby scrub sets for some new fashionable ones? Then take advantage of our quantity discounts, group orders, custom programs and wholesale pricing with Mette Scrubs.

Group Orders of Scrubs for Women

With group orders we can provide you with any color or print in our collection at affordable prices. Please call us at 503-880-6515 or email us at grouporders@mettescrubs.com to request information.

Custom Programs for Medical Offices and Organizations

We can design a custom program just for medical offices and other organizations. We can offer discounts, stock products in advance, or even send try-on sizes to fit your group’s specific needs. Simply call us to discuss how we can be of service.

Wholesale Programs for Resellers

We are more than happy to work with you on wholesale orders. Please call us at 503-880-6515 or email us at wholesale@mettescrubs.com to request information or a quote.