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The Mette Difference

  • Made for a woman’s curves
  • Comfortable, stretch scrub material
  • Moisture wicking fabrics
  • Latest fashion styles, prints and colors
  • Excellent service

Mette Scrubs Care Instructions

Material: 97% cotton and 3% Lycra

Washing Instructions

  • Machine wash warm
  • DO NOT use chlorine bleach (non-chlorine bleach is acceptable)
  • DO NOT use fabric softener (either liquid OR a dryer sheet) 
Important Note: Fabric softeners hinder the moisture wicking/quick dry performance feature of our CoolDry fabric.
  • Pre-treat stains prior to washing (see stain removal below)
  • Drying Instructions
  • Tumble dry low 
  • Important Notes:  Mette Scrubs dry extremely quickly (about 10-15 minutes or less). 
If you use dryer sheets, start your load without one. Remove scrubs after 10 minutes, then add dryer sheet for other clothes

Ironing Instructions

Ironing of Mette Scrubs is not needed. However, if you want a crisp look we recommend using a medium iron with steam.

Mette Scrubs Stain Removal

We all know how important it is to look your best at work.  From time to time spills happens on your scrubs.  Below is a few tips on how to deal with your stains when busy at work.  Most important treat your garment ASAP for best results.  

  • Protein Stain such as Blood, feces, urine, vomit, and other bodily fluids – wash with cold water scrubbing gently or treat with hydrogen peroxide at first exposure.  If necessary use a bar soap or use OxiClean® prior to wash cycle
  • Ink stains such as Ink, Pen, or markers use an acetone based product such as nail polish remover or use Amodex® as directed
  • Iodine – use Amodex® as directed
  • Plant stains such as Coffee, Tea, juice as well as some foods use a to go stain pen or OxiClean® spray
  • Powder Based Makeup use a spray or stick or Dryel On The Go™ Stain Pen will work just fine
  • Dust, Dirt or Grime – Dryel On The Go™ Stain Pen
  • Greese stains such as Oil, Grease or Cream Based Makeup – Shout® Advanced Formula for Greasy Stains

Common ‘Mette Scrub Care’ Questions

What does the scrub fabric feel like?

It is a remarkably soft and luxuriously comfortable fabric with a nice stretch. It stretches with every movement and allows you to be comfortable and reach that extra inch you need. The fabric is not too thin or too thick to provide the perfect level of comfort and professionalism.  

The care instructions say not to use fabric softener. What happens if I use fabric softener on my scrubs?

Liquid softeners and/or dryer sheets ‘plug’ the moisture wicking functionality of the CoolDry scrub fabric, which reduces the intended functionality of the garment. 

Do the scrubs repel fluid and stains? 

Mette Scrubs are made from a custom CoolDry fabric technology. The purpose of this environmentally friendly fabric is to wick moisture and prevent odors. Our fabric naturally cleans very easily.

Do they shrink? 

They shrink very slightly, less than 10%.

Do they stain easily? 

No. The inherent properties of the fabric allow for very easy stain removal. See the specific care instructions on how to remove common stains from Mette Scrubs.