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From Denmark to Oregon- We Bring Fashion, Fit and Durability to Nursing Scrubs and Scrub Sets

As a healthcare professional, you want nursing scrubs and women’s scrub sets that look great, fit with ease and keep you comfortable throughout your busy day. You also want nursing scrubs and scrub sets that are easy care and durable to hold up to wear and continual washing. Mette Scrubs was started with you in mind.

About Mette

mette-large-190-258.jpgI was born and raised in Copenhagen Denmark and worked in hospitals in Denmark, Israel and England throughout the 1970s. In 1980, I moved to the US and worked in dental offices here for many years. From an early age, I had an interest in design. I sewed my first button on a dress when I was just seven years old and have sewn my own clothes for as long as I can remember. Whenever I could not find clothing that fit, I have pulled out my sewing machine and made my own.

Throughout my career in healthcare I struggled with uncomfortable, restricting and unflattering unisex nursing uniforms and scrub sets that did not stand up to wear and washing. I wanted freedom of movement, durability and more fashionable scrubs to wear. Unable to find any, I did what I have done since I was young; I took out my design pencil and sewing machine then started finding fabrics. Soon I was making my own nursing uniforms and scrub sets that met my desire for comfort and style. Before I knew it, the compliments started coming in and I found out I was not alone in my frustration with unisex scrubs. Women simply had not seen fashionable, flexible scrubs designed for women by a woman who understood the rigors of working actively in healthcare. With encouragement from other women healthcare professionals I started Mette Scrubs.

Today, making women’s fashion scrubs and nursing uniforms is my passion. You’ll discover my passion for designing women’s scrubs that are comfortable, fashionable and long lasting in every set of nursing scrub we make.

I draw design ideas and inspiration from Danish and European fashion magazines and incorporate the latest fashion trends, colors and prints into my medical uniforms and scrub sets. In addition, I am always on the lookout for true ease and comfort, so I also specialize in modern stretchy fabrics, such as stretch poplin, twill, and satin which is 97% cotton/ 3% Lycra®. These fabrics are flexible, providing just the right amount of give when you want to reach that extra inch or two. They also are breathable and provide lasting comfort throughout the day.

With each scrub set we create, my goal is to make you feel pretty and comfortable in the scrubs you wear every day. I believe if you feel pretty, look good and are comfortable your self-esteem will increase and you will be perceived as a confident professional who knows what she is doing and truly cares about her patients. I also believe that as a healthcare professional, you work very hard so you deserve the best style, fit and durability you can find. After all, work is your home away from home, so why not wear comfortable scrubs that make you feel pretty and self-assured?

We hope you’ll enjoy our fresh, new and easy scrubs for women as much as we enjoyed bringing them to you.